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Termites are an issue everywhere. They are the silent home killer.

Your home can be eaten from the inside out for decades and by the time you notice, it’s too late. You may not even be fortunate enough to see the termites but if you do, it’s time for a call.

​Here’s how to recognize them. Some mistake termites as being flying ants. That’s because at the time you see them they’re in mating season. This means they have wings. But, there is a big difference. If you can catch one, look at it under a magnifying glass.

Go to your computer or our website and look at a picture of a termite. A termite has a cylindrical body that does not have sections, like a thorax that is separate from the head and sort of a third tail end. So if it is sectioned, it’s an ant and if it’s cylindrical, it’s a termite.

Call us immediately if it’s a termite as this may be their first mating season in your home. You should still call us for flying ants as well.

There is nothing worse than having swarms of things in your face on a daily basis. Not nice. And we have the best green, safe, and effective chemicals to take care of it quickly and easily.

One good tip is to never go to a garage sale and bring a wooded piece of furniture into the home. Termite eggs will hatch and cause an infestation of the home. Then, what you paid for a cheap piece of furniture will cost you more to remove the termites.

We do an inspection performed by an NYS certified termite specialist. We deal with eastern subterranean termites.

We treat the heavy termite areas – Clifton Park, Malta, Colonie, Guilderland, and Albany due to sandy soil conditions.

One important thing to know is that termites never go dormant; they simply move their colonies deeper underground well beneath the frost line during the winter months and continue to feed.

Professional Termite Services

We deliver a thorough subsoil treatment-protective barrier within the soil under and around the structure where colonies are located. This ensures two things:
The area is covered in all seasons
They are prevented from getting too far into your infrastructure
We provide protective wood treatments to exposed unfinished timber. This is the most vulnerable as they like softwoods
We place a monitoring system installed in the ground around exterior perimeters, stations are continually monitored during the warmer months of the year
Service guarantee includes a one-year warranty with a complimentary annual inspection
destructive termites
“First time using Thumbtack. Five replies from different companies on a Saturday 8/06/2016. Only one called me which was All Star Pest Solutions. I had a bee problem which I needed solved quickly. Found out he was very local so I chose this company.

Came the same day, a Saturday and treated the nest which was in my siding. By evening there were very few bees around the nest area, Next day no bees. Jesse was very professional and a job well done. Will definitely use again and I highly recommend him. Great job.”
– Michael M.