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Bed Bug Removal Services

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Bed Bugs are one of those elusive things. The way they are contracted and carried into a home varies.

One common place is hotels. When you travel, even to the most luxurious five-star hotel, you should never place your luggage on the bed or the floor.

Place it on the luggage holder or on a piece of furniture. Bed Bugs can be brought in by bringing used mattresses inside the home. The way to tell if you have bedbugs, in traditional mattresses, look along the mattress seams.

Hold the mattress seam away from the mattress and you may see them. To the naked eye, they look tan or clear. Under a microscope, they look like dead skin.

Sorry to say, but a line of bites that mysteriously appear across the abdomen or arms and legs means you are a midnight snack for a bug.

* Infestations are heavier in more densely populated areas such as Albany and Schenectady counties.

We are a green company and will do our best to ensure the safety of your family and pets.
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Non-Chemical Approaches We Use

  • HEPA vacuum
    Steam and heat
    Climb-up interceptors
    Bedding and pillow encasements

Bed Bug Service Program

Initial treatment includes a two-week follow-up treatment and then a 30-day visual inspection.

Once we declare your home bed bug-free, the 90-day warranty will then be applied covering any follow-up treatments needed.

Customer preparation is vital to creating a successful bedbug management program. Preparation sheets are provided during initial inspection.